constanceConstance owns a small wooden hut
that features a crude doorway, crookedly cut.
Down to the lake he sets off each day,
fishing rod and net handy, the modern bear way.
Watching, waiting, his patience – no virtue;
time passing by, and Constance still has no food.
Hungrily, he licks his big bear lips.
‘Ahhh forget it’ he says, ‘I’ll get some chick’n and chips’.

– JAS (08.11.2014)


Winston pondered upon his pad,
ways to enliven his friend who was sad.
He hopped to the shops in search of pineapple cake,
but pineapple wasn’t a cake these shops baked.
Settling for a sweet apple pie,
Winston paid the shopkeeper and said his goodbyes.
But on his way home, he tripped and stumbled,
the sweet apple pie was now apple crumble!

– JAS (03.09.2012)


Cranberry’s quite the curious creature,
his thick fluffy tail’s his very best feature.
Creeping up regularly on credulous mice,
but lets them go because deep down he’s nice.
Lazing in bed most daily hours,
Cranberry snoozes, avoiding down pouring showers.

– JAS (20.07.2012)


Bella grew up in a crowded city,
lovable girl, extremely witty.
Always with a book to her nose,
she travelled around reading fiction and prose.
Then one day, she watched her first movie.
Found it funny and utterly groovy!
Now reading books are a thing of her past;
imagination faded, DVDs amassed.

– JAS (02.07.2012)


Glued to the telly you’ll find Scotty,
if not there, then upon a potty.
Euro Twelve his current addiction;
England winning, his new affliction.
Watching football, he never will bore,
as long as it’s England, and as long as they score.

– JAS (19.06.2012)